About Us

Tea is a Tea-riffic Conversation Starter

On a sultry summer afternoon, two brothers Vinit and Nikunj decided to break from their hectic schedules. A cup of hot green tea and some silence is all they needed to destress themselves. Coming from MBA backgrounds, it was natural to discuss finance and the market in general, but it never stuck to that. The conversation panned from business expansion and venturing new domains when suddenly, it was their ‘Eureka’ moment! Who knew that their stress buster- Green Tea would come so handy, especially that day. They thought to themselves, “Why can’t health drinks be more refreshing and tasty?” After that followed a rigorous RnD for a healthy beverage.

A few talks, discussions, RnD, and stories later came in Chill Inc, India’s first green tea-based drink with no artificial colours and preservatives. Brewed from carefully selected Nilgiri green tea leaves. The drink offers a tasty and low-calorie option to quench thirst. The team holds a solid vision to replace unhealthy drinks with its new product and a mission to provide more healthy products for the country.